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Holiday Memories (Part 2)

Island Hopping...

St Martins - first stop, the bakery! ...followed by a picnic on the beach and a little sunbathing. I get a bit closer to my goal of actual swimming in the sea and manage a few seconds of doggy paddle before the cold is just too much... So I settle for paddling and a spontaneous fish pedicure, instead.

Later that evening... warming up with Spanish tapas at Dibs!

Keeping on the food theme... a trip to Tresco and a lovely lunch at Ruin Beach Cafe.

Exploring Tresco Abbey Gardens...

Another day, another island... This time the beautiful rugged coastline of St Agnes.

A quick stop at The Bulb Shop to say hello to Mandy and drop off some more of my jewellery. It's been selling well so I'll have earned my glass of wine at the Turks later! 

Admiring the beautful stained glass windows at St Agnes church by the very talented Oriel Hicks.

On to the Turks for that glass of wine (and a quick change in the loos!)  Not a bad view! 

Then a delicious meal at the fabulous High T…

Holiday Memories... (Part One!)

Getting there... on the tiny 8-seater Islander... We were at the front of the plane this time - it was such a clear day we could see the islands shortly after take-off.

Drinks at Dibbles...
A walk round Peninnis Head...

...and the Garrison.

 Cream Tea at Carn Vean and wine tasting at Holy Vale Vineyard (and very nice it was too!)

Beautiful aeonims...

3 Weeks and Counting...

Just three weeks to go and I'll be in Scilly again.I can't wait! In the meantime, I'm keeping busy with an exhibition at RHS Harlow Carr which is right up my street... It's called 'Harlow By The Sea' and yes, you guessed it - it's dedicated to all things coastal. I'll be working there on Friday so will hopefully update the blog with some photos very soon! The exhibition is on until 2nd August so there is still plenty of time to pop along and see everyone's wonderful work. In the meantime, here's a few of the pieces that have been on display.

Our wavy crochet bracelets with crystals and freshwater pearls lend a touch of elegance.

Our starfish jewellery is simple, yet stunning!

Mesh wire brooches take some time to make but are so worth it, especially in these beautiful seaside shades.

This sparkling shell pendant caught someone's eye! I think the crab likes it too..!

On Sale in Scilly

This year I am delighted to once again have my jewellery for sale at The Bulb Shop on St Agnes in Scilly. Sadly for me, Adrian and Amanda Pearce who run the little shop are retiring after this season, but I'm quite sure that they have earned a happy retirement on the beautiful island that is their home. In the meantime, do pop in to The Bulb Shop if you are lucky enough to be visiting Scilly. St Agnes is utterly unspoilt and the shop is a real treasure trove!

Here are a few of my pieces that are currently on sale in Scilly...

Green and Gold Scilly Flora crochet wire bracelet (inspired by Bermuda Buttercups!)

Starfish Earrings in Crystal Copper

Scilly Night Sky mesh wire & crystal brooch

Crystal Cockle Shell pendant in Gold

Silver Sea mesh wire & crystal brooch

And here are a couple that have recently sold! (Don't worry, you can still get them via our website!)

Starfish Earrings in Teal Blue

Starfish Pendant in Iridescent Crystal

To see more and purchase your own, plea…

Spring in Full Swing

At last, Spring is well and truly here and that means the start of a new season in Scilly is already underway. I am delighted to say that my jewellery is now available to purchase from The Bulb Shop on St Agnes with some of the same popular pieces as last year as well as a few new ones. More on that later, because right now I'm slightly distracted by the garden! Here's what's been popping up over recent weeks...

My Scilly scented narcissi have been a joy to behold as always. Every time I pass them in the garden, I can't resist taking in a good lung-full of their gorgeous scent!

Not sure of the variety of this beauty, possibly Scilly Valentine or Golden Dawn and almost certainly from Farmer Brown's Sunnyside Farm on St Mary's. I have often ducked into his bulb shed, sometimes to escape a downpour and happily picked out a few varieties for my garden while listening to the rain drumming on the roof. There are usually a couple of dusty plant books to peruse through…

Exhibitions at RHS Harlow Carr

The New Year got off to a busy start here with preparations being made for my first event of the year with Just Makers at RHS Gardens Harlow Carr in Harrogate. Spring really is a great time of year to visit the gardens when all the Spring bulbs are emerging and the timing couldn't be better with some fantastic exhibitions of work on show from some very talented makers, all very ably overseen by the brilliant Deborah de Brunner. Deborah has been working hard to furnish the Bath House ready for all our work and we're all agreed that it looks fantastic!

The first event is now underway and you have until 22nd February to see it. It's entitled 'Let's Get Creative' and, as well as showcasing makers' work, there will a number of kits available for you to purchase and maybe have a go at some crafts yourself!

For some photos of the type of thing you can expect, head over to

On 24th February, a new exhibition begins with 'Handbags and…