Thursday, 23 December 2010

Star Necklace and Festive Wire Knit

For the second part of my DT guest project this month, I have made a festive 'Star of Bethlehem' necklace and some wire knit goodies which will be available to buy on my website.

The necklace was made simply using a lovely piece of brown cotton thonging, onto which I hung a vial pendant in topaz, to look a bit like a star. You could fill the vial with a grain of rice, some glitter or oil. I then threaded festive green buttons in different shades and sizes from the 'emerald city' pack on at intervals along the cord - knotting roughly either side of the button secures each one into place. This is a nice project if you want to make a necklace for yourself or as a gift and have a few spare buttons, beads or other oddments lying around. It is especially nice if you use a whole variety of different things or at least different colours/shapes etc, as it gives the piece a unique and bohemian feel. Secure the ends by simply tying into a knot if the necklace is to be worn long or pick a fastening such as a lobster clasp or a toggle clasp. Either of those are quite nice and easy to do up and look good with the thonging. One tip for people who find doing a necklace up a little tricky is to put the fastening at the front - see my pirate charm necklaces for an example.

I also made these sumptuous berry-coloured Xmas tree earrings using some seed beads I had lying around and the gorgeous burgandy wire from

I decided to use the remaining green buttons with some olive green wire for a cute, festive wire knit cuff and some of my own green seed beads. I'm really pleased with the result as the buttons make the piece look quite fun!


Cotton Thonging
Copper Wire

You may also need:

Adornments or focal pieces
findings, such as clasps
tools eg. wire cutters

Sadly, this is my last project for Altered Element but it has been great fun being part of the team, I've absolutely loved it! Don't forget, you still have until 01/01/2011 to place an order online at

Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Snow Bunny Project

This month I am doing a guest project for Altered Element, so thought I would start by showing you my first festive offering! I'm actually a jewellery maker, but love to experiment with various mediums and try out projects using a variety of materials. I dressed up this cute calico rabbit to make a snow bunny to sit on my mantlepiece above the fire this Christmas.

This is such an easy project if, like me, you're not yet confident enough to make your own dolls etc and just fancy dressing one up!

To make the rabbit's beautiful little dress I laid out some angelina fibres in 'green pearl' in a fairly even layer rectangle onto a piece of paper on my ironing board. I added a couple of curled pieces of wire in the centre to make the pattern on the front and added another light layer of fibres over the top, to seal the wire curls in. If you're not sure how thick to make your layers of fibres, I recommend just experimenting with the product first - you can always use these experimental pieces on the front of Christmas cards! To fuse the fibres, I gently laid another piece of paper over the top of the fibres and lightly ironed over this to fuse them together. It's usually best to iron briefly and lightly and then peel the paper back carefully to see if the fibres have fused well. You can obviously repeat this step if needed.

At this point, you can trim any loose or unfused fibres from the edges but I left my edges as I quite like the effect. I then wrapped the piece around my bunny, overlapping the meeting edges and secured them with glue and left to dry. You may want to sew the dress into place if you have time.

I'm also a bit of a ribbon fanatic, especially if it is dotty! So, I tied a couple of apple green ribbons around the bunny's ears and used some jade green polkadot ribbon to make her a scarf. I cut the length of ribbon and glued together with a green button from the 'emerald city' pack, putting the finishing touches to a lovely Christmas decoration!

Materials used:

Calico rabbit

Angelina fibre

Copper wire



You may also need: glue, sewing threads

Don't forget to take advantage of Altered Element's closing down sale!

Monday, 6 December 2010

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