Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New Cluster Rings!

Be sure to take a look at our new cluster rings! In several gorgeous colours, these rings are all unique designs which are never the same twice so be quick and get yours! With adjustable silver-plated ring shanks and a cluster of beads which have freedom to move on the shank, they are priced at just £6; a brilliant gift or a treat for yourself! Colours include sunshine yellow, on-trend aqua, emerald green and ladybird red. More styles and colours being added soon!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Something for the Buoys!

For those of you who prefer playing to watching football, we're bringing you one of our favourite websites for discounted football boots! If you know a footie-playing dad, brother, son or partner who needs a new pair of great quality boots at heavily discounted prices, do check out this site: www.bootsnbrands.weebly.com. Great service and value!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

10% Discount at Altered Element!

For those of you who have been inspired to have a go at the tutorial project below, or one of the other projects by the Altered Element Design Team (found via the blog), you'll be delighted to know that you can get 10% off during all England matches over the period of the World Cup! For more details, including how to get your 10% discount code, please go to www.alteredelement.blogspot.com! While you are there, don't forget to check out the other Design Team projects submitted this month, there are some gorgeous creations!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Altered Element DT Tutorial Project

Memory Frame Pendant

This is a nice, easy beginners' tutorial on how to use Ranger Memory Frames to create beautiful memory jewellery. All the materials used are from www.alteredelement.co.uk. At the bottom of this post, I've added some tips and additional ideas for more advanced projects.

You will need: Ranger Memory Frames (I used Antique Copper 1.5 x 1.5), Ranger Memory Glass (1.5 x 1.5), and Artchix Images (I used Artchix Imagine)

Optional: ribbon or chain for a necklace, brooch back for a brooch, additional adornments such as glitter or a flat-backed jewel, assorted charms and findings to complement the colour of your frame, Ranger Glossy Accents

Step 1. Cut out your chosen Artchix image to 1.5 x 1.5 inches. (If using a different sized frame, simply cut out the image/images to fit inside this frame). This leaves a slight border either side of the image. You only need one image but you may choose to cut out 2 images to place back to back, creating a double sided pendant.

Step 2. Carefully place your image(s) in between 2 slides of memory glass. For a double-sided pendant, place the images back to back in between the glass slides.

Step 3. Gently open the memory frame* using the side tab so that it is wide enough to insert your memory glass slides.

Step 4. Now for the fiddley bit! Hold the slides with the inserted image in place between finger and thumb and insert them into the frame, placing the image with the loop at the top for a pendant.

Step 5. Once inserted, close the frame gently around your glass slides and slide the tab back through the hole at the corner of the frame. Use a burnishing tool or similar implement to burnish the tab (close it flat against the side of the frame).

Step 6. Now you can use ribbon through the loop at the top of the frame or chain connected with findings as you would a normal pendant to finish your piece.

Now you have a gorgeous piece of memory jewellery!


*Do be careful when opening and closing the frame and inserting the glass slides. The frames are designed for one time framing of work only and will not take kindly to being bent backwards and forwards repeatedly!

Remember not to make the design you want to insert too thick. You don't have to use memory glass but the design needs to fit into the frame, if not between the slides and frame.

The frames come in 3 different colours, black patina, chrome and antique copper so you can be really creative!

Other ideas to try:

If you open your pack of Memory Frames carefully, you can cut out and use the image on the packaging! Also, use photos or pressed flowers for a really personal touch.

There are many Artchix images to choose from and some sheets even include words and phrases to glue over the top of your main image, creating a very funky effect!

It is just as easy to make a brooch. Simply insert your image with the loop of the frame at the base. Then add some Vintaj charms or beads to the loop at the base with jump rings or headpins in the same colour as your frame and glue a brooch pin to the back.

Try a 3D look by adding sequins, shells, glitter or fibres. You could even build the image up so that it protrudes from the frame but you may have to forgo the protective glass slides, depending on the thickness of the design. For another pendant design (shown below) I chose to cut out just the image with no border and backed it onto a piece of Kraft Card to create a neutral coloured background. I glued the image on with a small amount of Ranger Glossy Accents, then added this to the card border and a few dots on the image itself. I then poured a generous amount of Deko-Ice onto the image and let it dry. After allowing the image to dry, I funnelled the excess Deko-Ice back into the jar for future use and was left with gorgeous amber sparkles on my design!

I decorated my shell Artchix image with Deko-Ice glass glitter in Amber so that it looks like sand. The matching velvet ribbon seemed to complement this really well.

Why not try using inks to alter the look of the piece, such as creating a more 'distressed' or antique look?

Happy Crafting!

Is that an Alien on your head?

You may remember some time ago I mentioned a peculiar item I had made out of felt, wth dreadlock style bits (meant to be seaweed, I think) and I have been meaning to put a photo on here! I'm planning to make it into a hat, a really wacky one of course, but here is the unfinished felted project so far!