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Customise your own!

Inspired: Scilly have just introduced an exciting new element to their wire-knit range! Customers can now design their own wire-knit ring. Make your purchase as usual. You'll then be directed back to the same page where you fill in a form of choices. Choose the colour of the wire, seed beads and a focal/feature bead! Click here to have a look at the colour options on offer (we'll be expanding these in the near future). Some of our favourite ideas are a 'Be a Little Shellfish' ring to match the bracelet of the same name (example pictured above) or a Jetsam ring, again matching our Jetsam bracelet. Have fun getting creative!

Shoe Lust

Mmm, love these shoes by Office. Shame they're out of my size, darn it! They make me think of pirates and of victoriana, both of which are on my 'inspiring things' list! And quite appropriate for matching my pirate-themed necklaces on Folksy. I guess the Inspired: Scilly puffers don't have any of these problems, a nice cube of frozen mussel is fine by them!

Something Fishy...

The puffers have spotted a lovely prawn tote bag I have been admiring on It Belongs to Turtle. You can enter a giveway and win this lovely bag for free by leaving a comment with your best pun - We thought we'd have a go anyway. Algae and Fungus approve, especially as a prawn is a bit like a brine shrimp. Mmmmm brine shrimp.

Like Christmas Again

Oooooooo, I've just received my first parcel from and I can't tell you how excited I was! Great packaging to keep all my goodies safe and loads of things wrapped up in brown paper bags and all within lovely purple tissue paper and a nice sturdy box. Of course, the other super thing is that I can use all the packaging (already making me salivate) for packaging my finished items - I do like being able to recycle things. So, once I'd peeled back the lovely layers of tissue paper, I was delighted to find everything I'd ordered. The stock system seems to be kept well up-to-date so you can see what's available and what's not and it won't let you order out-of-stock items, so there's no disappointment. Everything was reasonably priced and good quality, which is important. I'm going to use the feathers and fabric to make some cocktail hats. (UPDATE: One of my first attempts shown above!!)

With a sprinkling of snow floating down outsid…