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Sand, Sea, Shells and... a lot of buttons!

From crystal clear waters and sun-drenched beaches to a rather blustery day here at Inspired: Scilly HQ! My time in Scilly was simply magical and I am now in a bit of a time warp - did it really happen...?! It certainly feels like I've been to another world.

I'm pleased to report that there was much gathering of shells (watch this space for these swirls of natural colour and pattern finding their way into my work) and so much inspiration, I shall be busy writing it all down in my new notebook (which just happens to be illustrated with Scilly pictures - perfect). I was also delighted to discover a little craft fair that was on in the town hall on the day that I sadly had to leave and it cheered me up a bit buying, well, rather a lot of bargain buttons! I've just poured these into a big kilner jar and (rather sadly) I'm just rejoicing over the fact that they fill it up exactly! Of course, the idea is not to just gaze upon my gorgeously full stash of treasures but to use …