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Inspired Scilly Scilly!

Anyone who knows me well will tell you how much I adore the Isles of Scilly ever since my first family holiday to those remote islands as a daydreaming teenager. It is little wonder that such a magical place caught my imagination and has drawn me back, year after year. So now that I've fulfilled my ambition to become a penniless 'something creative', what could possibly be better than to finally have my work on sale at one of the islands' best loved gift shops, The Bulb Shop on the tiny island of St Agnes.

Once a stable for milking cows, The Bulb Shop later evolved to include a cold store for cooling precious scented narcissi blooms prior to packing for market, before becoming the treasure trove of crafts and creations that it is today. The Bulb Shop has something for everyone, including a variety of jewellery to suit all tastes and styles, from stunning silver to brightly coloured beach plastic and now, I'm delighted to say, my own quirky mix of Swarovski sparkle…