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Autumn Thoughts

I've been feeling a bit wistful this month - it's now over a year since my last Scilly visit and I've been looking back at photos from last September for autumnal inspiration! The islands can be very different in Autumn and Winter. While frosts are rare and winter sunshine still peaks through the rain showers, the islands show a different side to their character. The heather covers the ground with a carpet of coral and purple shades in amongst the gorse, the wind starts to whip up a frenzy and the sea becomes wilder, smashing against the foam spattered cliffs.

For my new Autumn range of wire knit pieces, I've been inspired by (among other things) brambles, heather, slick washed up seaweed, muddied rockpools, granite rock, inky water, foaming storms and chilly breezes. Here are just a few of the lovely new colours and designs:

Burgandy Freshwater Pearl 'Seashore' wire knit bracelet £14.99
Olive green wire knit leaf earrings £8.00
'A Good Catch' wire knit…