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Inspired... Scilly!

We've finally got around to getting the holiday snaps printed! It's always lovely going through them by hand, but I thought I would share with you a few of those which really show some of my inspiration.

It's not hard to see where my colour inspiration comes from! Even the ducks at the tea gardens are sporting fancy feathers!

It's a great place to go rockpooling and there is a huge variety of seaweed.

The beaches are just astounding - yes, the water really is that colour!

Flare Christmas Craft Markets

Etsy Treasury Finds

Inspired: Scilly work has been featured in several Etsy treasuries of late which is great! The collection of items that have been put together are just gorgeous. Here is a few of the best to feast your eyes upon!

Lavender Relaxation - very calming!

What starts with red, ends with purple? - a rainbow of Etsy finds!

Pretty in Pistachio - ok, this is cheating as I collated this one but isn't it a gorgeous colour?

Much, Much Cooler - a stunning reflection on the changing of the seasons

Scilly Inspiration

I had such a fantastic time on the islands this year, it still feels like a lovely dream! But, in between the reminiscing, I've been busy turning my gathered inspiration into a few new pieces for the autumn/winter season and upcoming Christmas craft markets. Here is a sneak preview of my lovely new wire knit brooches:

A fishy one, naturally!

I love the gorgeous peacock colours in this one - perfect for the autumn/winter season with lots of rich shades and a bit of lustre for the party season.

And something Christmassy!

All these and more will soon be appearing on Etsy and wil be available to purchase at the Christmas craft markets that I will be attending this year.

30th October 2011 - Flare Christmas Craft Market, 11 - 4pm at The Chapel, The Cemetery, York
6th November 2011 - Flare Christmas Craft Market, The Tithe Barn, Church Lane, Nether Poppleton
19th November 2011 - Coxwold Christmas Craft Fair, 10 - 4pm Coxwold Village Hall